Mushrooms are some of nature’s most delectable, wonderful ingredients. They pack flavor and nutrients into so many of the dishes and cuisines we love from around the world. But the natural joy of growing mushrooms can be as rewarding as enjoying the wide-range of flavors and uses they provide. Forest Origins was created to bring the art and science of growing wild mushrooms from the forest directly to you. We provide kits to help you bring your favorite mushrooms to life in the comforts of your home.

The Forest Origins story is one of passion and tradition. My father was a mushroom farmer for more than 30 years, dedicating his work to the cultivation and enjoyment of the finest mushrooms around. As a child, I was amazed by the mushrooms he would bring home, and in my teenage years, I went to work for a mushroom farm as well. That passion has never left, and after going to college for business, I returned to my roots, wanting to show others what my father had shown me all those years ago.

This is the culmination of a father passing his passion and life’s work onto his son. This is the fulfillment of my own passions and dreams. This is an opportunity for the world to experience the wonder and amazement of mushroom farming for themselves.

Forest Origins is about more than mushrooms. It is a movement. It is about reconnecting with nature and discovering new passions. It is my hope that you find the same level of enjoyment and awe that I have as you begin your own mushroom farming journey.